All-New Original Adventure JUST RELEASED!

Just released on DMs Guild, ready for your group: Blacktide Cove!

Optimized for six 5e characters of 6th to 8th level, your players explore an obscure section of Impiltur’s coastline after receiving a mysterious treasure map.



From the Ship’s Log of theĀ Sprite: “…I can hear them fish-men. All the time with their chanting and hissing and whatnot. There’s some kind of religion going on here, down below. We can’t understand what they say, but it’s something God-like, sure as spray on the foc’sle.”

A century ago, during the Spellplague, pirates hid a treasure at a shrine in a remote area of Impiltur’s coast. Can the heroes claim it from that which lurks there?

Set on the coast of Impiltur along the Easting Reach, Blacktide Cove can be placed anywhere there’s a stretch of lonely coastline and the possibility of pirates.

Blacktide Cove is 32 pages of adventure for you and your table!

Includes a handy index, cartography by Dyson Logos, new magic items, and full-color player handouts – including exclusive art from Patrick E Pullen!

Now includes print-friendly version!

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