5-star Review for a new title!

Well, kind of new.

How To Play Good is an amalgamation of my best-selling ebooks You Can Try – Tips on Becoming a Better DM and I Want To Try – Tips on Becoming a Better Player. I revised and expanded both titles and jammed them together with (I think) a cool OSR-feel layout and art in a new book.

Ryan Langr over at DM Level Up was kind enough to review it, and he liked it. A lot. Which is really gratifying! Check out his full review here. Here are some outtakes:

“In this supplement, the prolific R. P. Davis delivers a brilliantly snarky, tongue-in-cheek compendium jam-packed with valuable advice for both DM and player.”

“R. P. Davis is a delight to read. Almost every page is filled with a self-aware humor that employs snark, cliche’, and a seemingly flirtatious malapropism of curse words.”

“Seriously, there is no reason not to buy this book. This product earns a well deserved 5 stars and gets our Must Have tag.”

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