I Love Collaborations…

…so much that I keep doing them. We just released another one, in fact: Halaster’s Hoard!

More than 120 pages of stuff for your Undermountain campaign—or any other campaign, really.

It’s a huge collection of powerful magic items, challenging monsters, and devious traps to tempt and terrorize the most jaded veteran adventurers.

Included in this weighty tome are:

  • 96 magic items
  • 65 monsters with lore and tactics
  • 13 traps both simple and complex
  • Halaster’s Vault, a short adventure location for you to add to the deepest levels of Undermountain. Will the heroes be able to brave the Mad Mage’s guardians and devious traps to reclaim a mysterious artifact from his hoard?

I had the pleasure of leading the design team, working alongside Christopher Walz, Elise Cretel, Jeromy Schulz-Arnold, and Luke Monroe. Layout by Travis Legge and editing by Ken Carcas.

Guys, this one is a gold mine for your D&D 5e campaign. Click the image to go get your copy!

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