New Location and NEW STUFF!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, friends. But it’s for a very good reason — I’ve moved!

We’ve gone and moved ourselves, our doggos, and our businesses from the USA to the Netherlands. We left at the tail end of November 2018, and we’ve been settling in to our new digs in the village of Eersel in the south of the country. We love it here.

Due to the stresses of moving, I haven’t had much chance to write new stuff for the DMs Guild. I’ve mostly been editing other people’s stuff (look for a post about those soon!).

But I have released a few things.

First is Guildbook of the Watchful Order, a supplement for your Waterdeep: Dragon Heist game.

The book details a new faction, as well as a bunch of new spells, a new background, and a feat.

Second, and most important relative to my lack of output, is the first volume of my magnum opus: Encyclopaedia Formulae Arcana.

The Encyclopaedia is my attempt to track down Every. Single. Spell. from previous editions of D&D, from 1st Edition AD&D to D&D 3.x, and update it for the 5th Edition rules.

I’ve just released Volume A, which contains more than 125 spells.

Future volumes will be released through the course of 2019 (and probably 2020!).

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As always, if you have anything you think I should know, leave a comment or send me an email! I’m always keen to hear from you — especially if you know of a spell I’ve missed in the Encyclopaedia!

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