Black Flame Zealot – a 5e Rogue Subclass

In Thay, the Red Wizards rule with an iron fist.

And yet, though the Red Wizards would never admit it, there are those they fear, those they can’t control.

Meet the Black Flame Zealot, a Rogue subclass! Inspired by and adapted from the 3.5e prestige class in Unapproachable East, the Black Flame Zealot blends the stealth, subterfuge, and damage output of the Rogue with the divine magical support of the Cleric to make new and flavorful characters for your Forgotten Realms campaign.

The Black Flame Zealot is mechanically balanced to match the Arcane Trickster rogue subclass, so you can be assured that this subclass won’t unbalance your party.

This is just a tiny part of a much larger project coming later this summer. Stay tuned!

You can get it here for less than a dollar!

Also coming soon: A tutorial on how I update things from previous editions of D&D to 5th edition. It’s both easier and harder than it sounds.

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