New Releases!

Holy crap is there a lot of new stuff to report. 

I had a bunch of things come together at once over the past few weeks, which means there’s new stuff for you to check out! Click the images to go to the product. 

Wyvernseeker Rock is a short adventure for Travis Legge’s gritty OSR fantasy setting Odysseys & Overlords. Good old-fashioned exploration of ruins in a wilderness. What could go wrong?

Speaking of OSR, here’s a 5e adventure I released a few days ago. The Cult & the Tribe is specifically designed to have an OSR look and feel, but still be fully compliant with the D&D 5e rules.

It’s been a long time coming, but Volume C of the Encyclopaedia is out! (In case you didn’t know, the Encyclopaedia Formulae Arcana is my attempt to take every single spell from previous editions of D&D and update it for 5e.)  This volume took a while because it’s got nearly 400 spells in it. That’s a ton of content, right? 

Finally, there’s this:

Blood, Salt, and Bones is a supplement to support your Saltmarsh campaign. It’s got a ton of content. Click the link for the full list of what you get. It’s a lot. And it’s on sale! 

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