New Location and NEW STUFF!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, friends. But it’s for a very good reason — I’ve moved!

We’ve gone and moved ourselves, our doggos, and our businesses from the USA to the Netherlands. We left at the tail end of November 2018, and we’ve been settling in to our new digs in the village of Eersel in the south of the country. We love it here.

Due to the stresses of moving, I haven’t had much chance to write new stuff for the DMs Guild. I’ve mostly been editing other people’s stuff (look for a post about those soon!).

But I have released a few things.

First is Guildbook of the Watchful Order, a supplement for your Waterdeep: Dragon Heist game.

The book details a new faction, as well as a bunch of new spells, a new background, and a feat.

Second, and most important relative to my lack of output, is the first volume of my magnum opus: Encyclopaedia Formulae Arcana.

The Encyclopaedia is my attempt to track down Every. Single. Spell. from previous editions of D&D, from 1st Edition AD&D to D&D 3.x, and update it for the 5th Edition rules.

I’ve just released Volume A, which contains more than 125 spells.

Future volumes will be released through the course of 2019 (and probably 2020!).

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As always, if you have anything you think I should know, leave a comment or send me an email! I’m always keen to hear from you — especially if you know of a spell I’ve missed in the Encyclopaedia!

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After yet another thread on Facebook’s big 5e group, I found myself writing the same thing for the umpteenth time, so I’m going to set it out here as an essay for you, dear readers (and so I can just post a link next time I have to say the same goddamned thing).

Here’s the original post, for reference’s sake:

What if every martial class had access to Action Surge? What are the downsides to this? What would you give Fighters to keep them unique before getting their archetypes? Something I’ve been pondering since looking at the topic of “linear Fighters vs Exponential Spellcasters”.

Here’s my answer:


Seriously. Just…don’t.


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I Love Collaborations…

…so much that I keep doing them. We just released another one, in fact: Halaster’s Hoard!

More than 120 pages of stuff for your Undermountain campaign—or any other campaign, really.

It’s a huge collection of powerful magic items, challenging monsters, and devious traps to tempt and terrorize the most jaded veteran adventurers.

Included in this weighty tome are:

  • 96 magic items
  • 65 monsters with lore and tactics
  • 13 traps both simple and complex
  • Halaster’s Vault, a short adventure location for you to add to the deepest levels of Undermountain. Will the heroes be able to brave the Mad Mage’s guardians and devious traps to reclaim a mysterious artifact from his hoard?

I had the pleasure of leading the design team, working alongside Christopher Walz, Elise Cretel, Jeromy Schulz-Arnold, and Luke Monroe. Layout by Travis Legge and editing by Ken Carcas.

Guys, this one is a gold mine for your D&D 5e campaign. Click the image to go get your copy!

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5-star Review for a new title!

Well, kind of new.

How To Play Good is an amalgamation of my best-selling ebooks You Can Try – Tips on Becoming a Better DM and I Want To Try – Tips on Becoming a Better Player. I revised and expanded both titles and jammed them together with (I think) a cool OSR-feel layout and art in a new book.

Ryan Langr over at DM Level Up was kind enough to review it, and he liked it. A lot. Which is really gratifying! Check out his full review here. Here are some outtakes:

“In this supplement, the prolific R. P. Davis delivers a brilliantly snarky, tongue-in-cheek compendium jam-packed with valuable advice for both DM and player.”

“R. P. Davis is a delight to read. Almost every page is filled with a self-aware humor that employs snark, cliche’, and a seemingly flirtatious malapropism of curse words.”

“Seriously, there is no reason not to buy this book. This product earns a well deserved 5 stars and gets our Must Have tag.”

Click the pic to get your copy!

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BIG collaboration goes up on the Guild!

So this just went live on the DMs Guild this morning, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

I had the good fortune to coordinate a crack team of best-selling Guild creators to make MLN, which brings you:

140+ spells

16 eldritch invocations

100+ magic items

Vistani lore

…and tons of jottings direct from the pen of the archmage himself!

Go on over to the DMs Guild and get your copy right now!

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It’s been a long time.

Wow. I haven’t posted in…like…a long time.

Truth is I’ve been fantastically busy. Writing, editing, doing voice work. I’ve been so busy I actually worked myself into an illness I’m even now getting over.

There’ll be more to come. I’ve got a lot to tell you about!

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A new adventure!

It’s been a long time since I’ve released an adventure. That’s because I like my adventures to be absolutely perfect, and I think this one is as close as I’ve ever gotten to my design ideal.

For your adventuring delectation, I present “Ransom at Falcon’s Crest” — an adventure in the Kingdom of Impiltur on the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Bandits have kidnapped the eldest child of one of Timbertown’s prominent citizens, who is secretly being manipulated by shadowy forces. You are tasked to get her back.

But there are questions. Is she his real daughter? Does she want to be found? Who is behind the kidnapping in the first place?

If you bring Evi home alive, your rewards will be great, and your standing in the town will increase. But if you fail, or if the demon worshippers of the Fraternity of Tharos gain a further foothold for their secret society, Timbertown’s future may be in jeopardy.

An 4-6 hour adventure for 4-6 characters of level 3-5, including maps, handouts, stat blocks, and NPC character cards!

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Guild-Only Editing Rates

I get asked a lot about my rates for editing projects destined for the DM’s Guild. In the interest of having them out there and available, here they are:

Provided you send me a Word file, I use “Track Changes” to cover the following:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Spacing
  • Capitalization
  • Syntax (sentence structure & readability)
  • Style
  • Clarity
  • Removing repetition & simple wording
  • Correcting passive voice
  • Quality feedback & suggestions to improve your manuscript
  • I make a first pass like a beta-reader. If I find a plot or rules hole, I’ll tell you and make suggestions toward fixing them. Then I’ll dig into the copy editing.

Pertinent to the last entry, you also get one revision per hole. For example, if I do the beta-reading and copy editing, and you write 500 more words to plug a hole I found before I finish the copy editing, I’ll copy-edit the new material and those words don’t count toward the word count from which I calculate the fee.

I return the annotated DOC file so you can see what I did, as well as commentary and suggestions. If it looks good, all you have to do is turn off the comments and send the text to layout.

All that for US$4 per 500 words, which is 20% off my everyone-not-Guild-creators rates. That comes out to a little less than $2 per page of plain text.

If all you need is proofreading for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, it’s US$2.50 per 500 words, which is half off my usual rate.

If this is something which interests you, hit the Contact link and let’s talk.

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Hit Points – Abstraction?

It happens every couple of weeks, it seems. Someone posts somewhere lamenting about hit points in D&D and how they don’t make sense. An argument ensues about what hit points really mean.

These arguments are almost always as poorly informed and poorly thought through as they are passionate.

Here are my thoughts on it, collated into an essay because I like writing essays and I’m getting sick of writing the same stuff over and over.

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Massive new compilation released!

I’m very, very happy to be a part of “A Fistful of Coppers” – a compilation of more than 800 pages of best-selling D&D content from some of the best-known independent gaming writers.

There’s adventures, character options, DM’s tools, you name it! Literally dozens of hours of entertainment are in this compilation, each and every page of which is a highly-regarded best-seller.

The best part? It’s more than TWO THIRDS OFF the cover price if you bought each product individually.

 You can get your copy here.
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