Spell cards are AWESOME.

Whether you play or DM, the most annoying thing in the game is flipping through a book to determine the effect of a particular spell. Never mind flipping back and forth when trying to figure out which to cast, comparing and contrasting. When I’m behind the screen, I get really annoyed when a player keeps flipping pages instead of doing something, and when I’m playing I hate not having that information immediately available.

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…needs to see this every morning.

[trundles off to work on a new adventure]

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The DM’s Guild and me

Most everything I write I write for the world’s greatest role-playing game: Dungeons & Dragons. Here’s why.

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A new site, a new endeavor. Whoa. Heavy.

A little bird – okay, the internet – told me that self-publishing and freelance writers need a website. So I made one!

Welcome. This is a completely new thing for me. Please be patient while I establish stuff.

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